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Our Scented Room is an online shop offering a range of products for your home. Themed around a sensory experience, we have sourced luxurious home fragrances from bath salts, soaps and other scented must-have items, along with the accessories to complement them. Perfect for self-spoils, we have also put together some gifting options to help you spoil your loved ones. Because we love all things interior, we have a range of décor items ready to complete your home, including the likes of bath mats and other accessories. We are always on the lookout for gorgeous products to add to our offerings to create the perfect online shopping experience!


Our Scented Room has become known for not only the most gorgeous fragrances, but the extensive collection of beautiful products that complement any interior space while also making for the perfect gift. We are now offering a gorgeous gifted box where you may choose from the selected options that we have put together for your convenience, or you are welcome to build it yourself using our Build a Box option. These gifts are all packaged in our scented and recycled handmade boxes which includes an indigenous seeded gift card that can be planted, watered and enjoyed in the weeks to come.

What would Our Scented Room be without our gorgeous scented candles that evoke memories, awaken the senses and uplift the soul? We have a wide range of scented candles from fragrances that resemblance tranquil places like the Kalahari to the natural, subtle scents of nature which include Fig Tree and Rooibos. 

We have a wide range of diffusers available in Our Scented Room. What better way to infuse your home or office for that much longer? A diffuser allows the scent to gently diffuse, providing you with a subtle, consistent and lovely fragrance all around your favourite space.

Our Scented Room carries a beautiful range of solid bar soaps and liquid hand soaps from both international and locally manufactured brands with our main focus being natural ingredients of the highest quality. Each of our soap ranges are unique and will delight every one of your senses.



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